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Our practitioner’s integrate traditional medical knowledge and evidence based complimentary therapies to meet your healthcare needs. With many years of collaborative experience and knowledge between our Independent practitioners you can be assured you are in the best hands. Each treatment is individualised to meet your specific needs. We are a multidisciplinary clinic with special areas of interest in Bio-identical Hormonal Health, Pain Management, Longevity and Regenerative Medicine.


Lots of reasons, but most importantly because...


Located at the Brickworks Center at Ferry Road Markets in Southport, you can get some shopping done before (or after) your appointment. Why not arrange to meet your friends for one of the best coffees on the Gold Coast, too?


Many doctors treat the symptom but not the cause. Quality care means searching for the root cause. That's what separates us from other clinics, and our doctors from your average GP.


We designed our office with your comfort in mind, from choosing a friendly location near lovely coffee shops to choosing colours that create a soothing environment for when you're not feeling your best.


There are doctors, and then there are experts. Experts stay in touch with the latest health technologies and studies, always striving for what's proven to be the best for their patients.

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Our distinguished doctors, supported by highly trained nursing and administrative staff,
provide the highest quality of care.


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Hormone Therapy

Meet our highly qualified & certified “General Practitioners” to consult with and cure acute to chronic medical conditions.

Pain Management

Meet experienced physicians who have been successfully treating and achieving mental wellbeing for you or your relative.

Dermal Therapy

Give our skin specialist a call to diagnose, cure and prevent skin cancer in time before it becomes too late to protect it.


Lift your beauty with cruelty free cosmetics and best skincare treatments, which are personalized as per your skin type.

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Discover more of our services and be sure to check in when you arrive for your appointments.

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