About Us


Brickworks Medical Clinic was founded by Dr Maura McGill in 2015, who brought Bio-identical hormones to the fore on the Gold Coast in 2003 and is best known for her expertise in this area. Over the years the clinic has expanded and we now have multiple independent practitioners running their own practice from our beautiful clinic. Including Dr Sadek Hamied and Rachael Reed, who have extensively trained with Dr McGill over the years in the art of utilising Natural hormone therapy to enhance patient’s health outcomes.

Our independent practitioners offer a wide range of services including pain management consults, vitamin and mineral infusions, health assessments and Enhanced Primary Care Plans, longevity and regenerative medicine and naturopathic services. Our onsite dispensary allows our practitioners to prescribe evidence based practitioner only supplements to bring you back to optimal health.

Other practitioners include Ieva Adeikyte an independent fully qualified Dermal Therapist offering her services at our clinic, along with multiple psychologists, on site QML pathology and Chemist Warehouse situation two doors down from our clinic.

Furthermore, we collaborate with the leading compounding chemistry experts on the Gold Coast to develop your individualised Bio-identical hormone formulas, supplements, our personalised skin care range and more.

Stay tuned as our brand new clinic expands its staff of exceptional doctors .

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