Health Assessment/Chronic Disease Management

Health Assessment/Chronic Disease Management

Everyone grows older and as we do, our health and abilities can change. For those 75 years of age and over as per medical guidelines, we offer an annual health check aimed at keeping you as healthy and as independent as possible.

Your health check will last approximately an hour and you will be seen initially by a nurse and then your doctor.

Some of the areas covered in the health check include:

  • medical history
  • social history
  • medications
  • memory function
  • emotional wellbeing
  • bladder and bowel function
  • mobility’
  • eye health
  • ears health and hearing
  • dental health
  • general health
  • skin checks
  • falls and risk prevention
  • chronic disease management
  • activities of daily living
  • heart health – ECG *
  • circulation health – ABI *
  • lung health/function – Spirometry *

This is just an indicator of some of the areas that will be covered however every person is different and the check is tailored to your individual needs. At the end of the health check you will be advised if there are any services that may be eligible for or may be of assistance to you. If required the necessary referrals will be created.

This service is completely free to all current Medicare card holders over the age of 75. This is an annual service and you will be sent a reminder when you are next due your health check. If you have any questions of concerns please do not hesitate to contact us – we are always more than happy to help.


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