OBSERV (Digital Skin Analysis)

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OBSERV (Digital Skin Analysis)

Treatment Description:

OBSERV is an advanced medical imaging diagnostic camera which takes a series of photographs (on an IPAD) using specific light modes which allows your NewSkin Therapist to view and analyse your skin health through all the underlying skin layers; from the surface to the deepest layer. This can produce effective results.


The OBSERV examines:
  • The oil content of your skin (which can contribute to acne & blemishes)
  • Wrinkles & fine lines
  • Pigmentation/sun spots/freckles/age spots/pore size
  • The skins moisture content (dehydrated skin is a major contributor to ageing skin)
  • Loss of skin firmness (determine if the skin is losing elasticity)
  • Your skin tone & overall skin health




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