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Rachael Reed

Senior Hormone Consult & Naturopath (qualified naturopath)

Rachael is a fully qualified naturopath and the Senior Hormone Consultant to Dr Maura McGill. Rachael has been extensively trained by Dr McGill over the past 8 years and the two work closely together to provide their patients with excellence in Integrative Health Care.

Rachael is an expert in natural hormone management, working with Dr McGill to provide comprehensive treatment programs which include, Bio-identical Hormones, Nutritional Supplements, Herbal Medicine and Dietary Intervention to manage our symptoms.

Rachael has worked with Hormones and allergies in clinic practice for fifteen years. Rachael’s client base includes Australian and International clients who seek out her specialised services. In addition to hormones and allergies, Rachael is skilled in treating thyroid and adrenal issues such as stress, anxiety and fatigue.

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