Routine Health Check

Routine Health Check

Get more comprehensive health care at Brickworks. We provide the continuum of health under the Routine Health Check/Assessment plan. Here, we have all certified General Practitioners, medicine specialists, and nurses who have a hands-on experience in health assessment. Our hybrid doctors follow a distinguished approach, which emphasizes preventive care to end-to-end treatment (in the next level).

Our responsible nurses strictly follow up with the eligible patients to update or remind them about their routine checkups without any delays.

However, this routine health assessment service includes the following checkups:

  • Circulation test
  • Heart health check
  • Mental health checks
  • 75 plus health assessment
  • Indigenous health assessment, etc.

Eligible patients can maximize the benefit of our bulk-billed routine health checkups. Beforehand, please determine if you're eligible.


Stay tuned as our brand new clinic expands its staff of exceptional doctors .

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